About A Tempting Vegan

So glad you finally got here, I have been waiting for you!

I want this site to act as a platform for not only sharing/sampling raw and plant-based food recipes, but also inspiring people to change their way of eating and in turn, change their lives.

Eating plant-based and raw can be delicious, quick, easy, sometimes disastrous and totally affordable.

Tara, is my “real” name. I am a thirty-something residing in Whistler, BC, Canada, with my lover man (LM) and lover dog (LD). 

I am a long-time attempting vegan, raw-food-wooing, sweet-treat-adoring, green-smoothie-drinking, food fanatic. I love ice cream. I hate blood. I am obsessed with my dog, bananas, and lemon zester.

I wish Christmas happened at least 4 times a year, and I am currently petitioning for Boney M to release a drum and bass Christmas album [Feliz Navi-Rad]

It is only in the past couple years that I have started to truly enjoy plant-based food- and I am enthralled, to say the least.  Living in such an expensive resort town, food was something that always came last in a long list of priorities (name brand snowboarding crap/vodka/mortgage/lash blast mascara!).

I had always assumed eating well had to be expensive and boring.

Ketchup chips are vegan, right?

But once my priorities changed, my eating began to follow and my entire world was altered as a result.

Being conscious and making conscious life and food choices is not easy, but it is rewarding.

Plant based food has given me passion and power. It  changed my body, it changed my mind, and it changed my connection to this earth.

I feel so freaking awesome that I have to share the news. I have to share the message, and I have to share the recipes.